[024] The Exaltics: Twelve EP


[024] The Exaltics: Twelve EP

Release Date: august 2014
Format: 12" coloured & black vinyl + digital

German producer and acid head The Exaltics is back with a new EP on Shipwrec that comes with a remix by Unit Moebius Anonymous and terrific artwork by Jaco Putker. Real name Robert Witschakowski, The Exaltics is co founder of the Solar One Music label and has turned out a steady stream of EPs and LPs on labels like Trust, Creme Organization and Clone West Coast Series until now, always coming on strong with a dense techno style. Opener ‘The New Beginning’ continues in that tradition where electro drums are run through with racing acid and more serene and tender synths colour in the backdrop. ‘Coroded’ is a much more bulky and brutal techno affair with tough drums that roll up and down, even angrier acid lines and plenty of industrial percussion. Final original ‘Downwards’ is even quicker and more abrasive and barely allows you to catch your breath with its hurried kick drums, ripping 303 and frankly manic, metallic hi hats. The Unit Moebius Anonymous remix is suitably tough and teeth clenching with paranoid sirens, gun like percussion and a true sense of unstoppable force. Serious techno for serious heads, this is an arresting EP that it is impossible to ignore.